• Backlash    March 31 
Anti-Rob Ford ad promotes 'candidate' who 'promises to just smoke pot as mayor, not crack'

Toronto's crack-smoking, politician-tackling, reggae-dancing, drunk-stumbling, hockey-celebrating mayor Rob Ford is up for re-election this year. And perhaps surprisingly, he's not doing too bad despite his extensive extracurricular resume.

So how do you chip away at an incumbent with a penchant for gaffes? By humorously exploiting those gaffes for maximum effect, like so:

That billboard comes from the fledgling group No Ford Nation, whose sole goal is to elect someone "qualified" to be mayor. In other words: anyone but Ford. (To be clear, the man in the ad is not a real candidate.)

A couple of other signs featuring fake mayoral candidates:

Though the group may think Ford stinks at his job, the man himself maintains he's the "best mayor" in Toronto's history.

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