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Yankees and Red Sox bandwagon fans, in one infuriating map

Predictably, the New York Yankees are New York's favorite baseball team. But they're also the most widely-liked team in New Mexico, Alaska, Hawaii, and parts of Virginia, and they have prominent outposts in about 20 states all told. That's all according to Facebook's Data Science team, who whipped up the following map based on which official team pages have the most "likes" in given counties across the country.

(Facebook, via The Atlantic)

You can see a higher-resolution image here.

As you can see, the Yankees have a huge bandwagon nationwide. And so, too, do the Red Sox, who not only dominate New England, but parts of the West as well. There's a reason the teams claim their fans hail from Yankees Universe and Red Sox Nation.

A few of other observations:

* The Blue Jays, Mets, and Athletics all get shut out of the map. Why? The Jays play in Canada, which isn't represented, while the Mets and A's play second-fiddle to regional powerhouse teams.

* The Braves own the South.

* Nebraska's baseball fans have no idea whom to root for.

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