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Don't worry, somebody already fixed the How I Met Your Mother ending

Based on the Twitter explosion immediately following last night's How I Met Your Mother finale — and the raft of angry reviews that critics have published today — most viewers were less than thrilled with the CBS sitcom's ending. In its final hour, the show rolled out a series of controversial twists: Barney and Robin got divorced, Barney became a father after a one-night stand with a nameless woman, the mother died due to an unspecified illness, and the widowed Ted embarked on a new relationship with Robin (with the express support of his kids).

Pretty much none of it worked. But the finale did have one genuinely affecting scene: The long-awaited meeting between Ted and the mother on the Farhampton train platform. If you're one of the many viewers who wanted How I Met Your Mother to be about, you know, meeting the mother, one fan has already provided a quick fix: An edited version that provides the simple, poignant ending the show deserved. Watch it below. --Scott Meslow

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