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Oscar Pistorius breaks down on the stand, forces trial to adjourn for the day

Disgraced former Olympian Oscar Pistorius broke down in tears and wailed uncontrollably on the witness stand today, forcing the judge to adjourn his murder trial for the day. The dramatic moment happened when he was recalling the night he shot and killed his girlfriend, model Reeva Steenkamp, at his South African home last year.

"I was afraid someone was going to start shooting," he testified about the moment he thought that he heard an intruder. "I heard a noise from inside the toilet. Before I knew it, I'd fired four shots at the door." Three of the four shots struck Steenkamp, killing her instantly. "That was the moment everything changed," he said. (Watch a video of the testimony below.)

"I sat over Reeva," he said while sobbing and shaking, "she wasn't breathing." This wasn't the first intensely emotional moment of the trial — Pistorius previously broke down in the courtroom when postmortem pictures of Steenkamp's bloodied body were shown.

The trial will continue tomorrow. --Jordan Valinsky

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