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Christina Hendricks would be 'thrilled' to appear on Game of Thrones

Last year, Game of Thrones/Mad Men fan fiction writers got their dream when Christina Hendricks — who plays Joan Holloway on Mad Men — conceded that she'd like to appear in Game of Thrones after her AMC drama wraps next year. In an appearance on Conan last night, Hendricks reiterated her desire to take a trip to Westeros.

"One day, someone said, 'what show would be fun?' And I was just thinking about all those pelts and horns and wolves and horses — or whatever they have — and I said, 'Game of Thrones!'" said Hendricks. "I thought it would be fun to sort of get into that whole time period, and all the crazy costumes. And the next thing you know, everyone was like, 'Christina wants to star in Game of Thrones!' I'd be thrilled. I'd be so lucky."

Hendricks concedes that she hasn't actually seen much of the series, so she has no idea which character she'd want to play — but curious Game of Thrones fans can start petitioning George R.R. Martin to write Melisandre's mysterious, foreign sister into the next book of the series. --Scott Meslow

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