• Listen Up    April 8 
Do you like whistling, club music, and Bud Light? Then you'll love Pitbull and J. Lo's World Cup anthem

Pitbull and J. Lo teamed up to produce this year's official World Cup song, and it is about what you'd expect from a duo of Pitbull and J. Lo.

There's a simple, resonant drumbeat layered with a pulse of clapping. There's some electronic faux-horn honking. There's some lowest-common-denominator pop synth. It sounds as if someone remixed Nicki Minaj's "Starships" for a sporting crowd and, since this is the official song for the world's premier soccer tournament, threw in an "Ole!" chant.

To be fair, "One Love, One Rhythm" is a song for a global sporting event, so it had to be palatable enough for a gigantically diverse audience. But still, it's hard to see this one holding up after the dozens and dozens (and hundreds?) of times it will be played between now and the end of the World Cup. Enjoy. --Jon Terbush

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