• meet cute    April 8 and Major League Baseball are helping put an end to Romeo-and-Juliet fandom scenarios

Let's say you're single and looking for love — or at at least a date for the Yankees game on Friday night.

You click onto, check the daily messages, find an appealing candidate, and set up the meet. Except when you get there, your future husband or wife isn't rocking pinstripes but rather a Red Sox T-shirt.

Time to find a ticket scalper. users can now avoid this traumatic scenario, thanks to a collaboration between the online dating site and Major League Baseball. Diehard fans just click to the appropriate team page, and voila! No more White Sox-Cubs snafus. No more awkward first date in Milwaukee with someone who just moved from St. Louis and knows this is the Cards' year.

What does the MLB get out of this deal? "More butts in the seats," MLB Advance Media's Noah Garden said.

So romantic.

Although really, this partnership is still a better use of a baseball stadium than misspelling "please." --Sarah Eberspacher

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