• on the case    April 10 
Brazilian woman talking about crime on live TV is attacked by a would-be thief

With Brazil less than three months away from the World Cup, the country's crime problem — especially in Rio de Janeiro, which is hosting several matches and the final — is facing additional scrutiny.

Brazil's Globo TV decided to do some man-on-the-street interviews to ask Rio de Janeiro residents whether the issue is as serious as the hype would have us believe. As one woman began to answer, a young man sprinted up, grabbed her gold necklace, and tried to flee. Unfortunately for the would-be thief, he couldn't get a grip on the necklace and had to dash off without it. The television reporter even gave chase for a couple of seconds.

Anecdotally at least, it appears Rio de Janeiro does have a crime problem — and an extremely brazen criminal population, at that.

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