• Really?    April 11 
Russian cheese factory closes after workers hop into the milk naked

You may have heard of the abomination that is human cheese, but it turns out that animal-based cheeses can be just as disgusting.

The Torgovii Dom-Siri cheese factory in Siberia was recently closed when a photo of factory employees taking a naked milk bath hit the internet. According to employee Artem Romanov, they were celebrating an employee's birthday.

The factory's lawyers claim that the incriminating photo is not of the milk used in cheese-making, but a "watery by-product not used in food production." However, investigators allege that the makeshift hot-tub was indeed filled with raw milk.

According to the U.K.'s Orange News, "workers appearing in the photo will also have to be tested for diseases, including STDs, that might have been passed on to cheese customers." That's certainly one reason to embrace veganism. --Meghan DeMaria

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