• Oof    April 13 
Watch SNL's Paul Ryan, Jeb Bush awkwardly party with hipsters at Coachella

The Republican Party would love to court more young voters, though they'd probably opt to do so in a more subtle way than this: "Young conservatives make some noise," a fictional Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) played by Taran Killam said on Saturday Night Live's cold open this weekend.

With the Coachella music festival underway, SNL imagined how some 2016 GOP hopefuls would sell themselves as "the new face of the Republican Party" to all those hip kids in attendance. The results were an uncomfortable bit of Obama bashing and outdated or inapt slang, complete with a nod to Second Amendment rights and literal bare arms.

"A lot of you out there are probably in favor of gay marriage," Jeb Bush, played by Beck Bennet, said.

"We thought so, 'cause the new GOP is," Ryan added, pausing as if about to make a major revelation, "not going to talk about it as much," he finished.

Thankfully, Coachella is an outdoor festival, so there was no roof for the faux candidates to raise nor claim was on fire. --Jon Terbush

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