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Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu runs away from Obama in campaign ad

Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.) is in a tricky spot as she runs for re-election. The president's party typically loses ground in midterms, and this year, with Obama's approval rating underwater and a controversial health-care law hanging over everything, could be a disastrous one for Democrats.

So what's Landrieu's solution? She's stiff-arming the president and hyping her opposition to the administration's energy policies. A minute-long spot called "Will Not Rest" features news clips — and one re-enactment, according to The Weekly Standard — of Landrieu excoriating the administration.

The "I oppose Obama, too" strategy makes sense given the political climate. Mitt Romney won the Bayou State by a 17-point margin in 2012, and President Obama has just a 39 percent approval rating there according to a February PPP poll. Meanwhile, the RNC is going all in with ads linking Landrieu to the president and his eponymous health care law.

Though ObamaCare is probably not going to sink Landrieu, the little "D" next to her name might.

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