• Squee    April 20 
Watch a tiny puppy squirm in Curtis Granderson's baseball mitt

Baseball is great. Puppies are great. Put the two together and you get this:

That's the New York Mets' Curtis Granderson cradling a pooch in his glove during the team's Bark in the Park event Saturday. The promotional event, which benefits the North Shore Animal League America, allows fans and their dogs to sit in designated seats to catch the game. It's an adorable, if risky, plan. Can you really expect dozens of dogs to sit still and quiet — and to not, ahem, mark their territory — for an entire three-plus hour game?

There were no reports of dogs leaping onto the field Saturday to shag fly balls. Still, given the Mets lineup woes, who knows, maybe they will sign a canine to man the infield this year, if only to boost slumping ticket sales.

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