• Anything you can do    April 27 
LeBron James dunked right in Michael Jordan's glum face

LeBron James added a new layer to the "greatest player of all time" debate Saturday night when he threw down a vicious breakaway dunk directly in front of Michael Jordan.

The Heat were already pounding the Bobcats, the team Jordan owns, when James stole the ball and sprinted down court. As he went up for the dunk though, James appeared to stare not at the rim, but rather in the direction of the Bobcats' bench and Jordan himself.

After the game, James insisted that he "absolutely" did not stare at Jordan. It's possible he was being coy; there's not much for James to gain by admitting to playing a personal game of one-upmanship. But even if James honestly didn't intend to glare at Jordan, his no-look slam would still be the game's top highlight.

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