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Let's watch Kevin Spacey play a bad guy in the new Call of Duty commercial

Thursday night, Activision released a trailer for the newest game in the Call of Duty franchise: Advanced Warfare. It's a testament to House of Cards' success that, as you listen to a Frank Underwood-esque speech in the trailer's opening, it still takes a second to realize that Kevin Spacey is indeed the one talking — sans southern accent.

"Democracy, democracy. Democracy's not what these people need," says a creepy looking, digitized Spacey. "Little things, like, we 'ought to be tolerant of those who disagree with us... that a journalist 'ought to be able to disagree with a president," are overrated, he sneers.

As Zoe Barnes would attest, yes, that last part is classic Underwood.

While CoD planned to reveal its new trailer on Sunday, the early hints leaked to the press moved up the timeline: "Tease enough reporters, and they start reporting," notes Adweek.

Now, I do not play video games, and the Advanced Warfare trailer left me super confused as to what exactly the players' missions will be, past "go blow that thing up." That being said, credit to CoD, because as far as trailers go, I would totally watch this if it were a movie. And, I have a feeling CoD fans are excitedly marking November 4 (the new game's release date) on their calendars.

Watch the full trailer below. --Sarah Eberspacher

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