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Report: With Rio reeling, IOC mulls London as 2016 Olympic back-up

The London Evening Standard reports that London has been "secretly asked" if it is prepared to host the 2016 Summer Olympics in the event that Rio de Janeiro isn't fully prepared for the games. "An informal approach was made by Olympics bosses to discover whether enough venues from the triumphant 2012 London Games could be brought back into use," according to the report.

The IOC seems very concerned about Brazil's preparations. A couple weeks ago, a high-ranking IOC official publicly blasted Rio for being behind in "many, many ways," describing the prep as "the worst I have experienced."

Still, a repeat of the London games seems highly unlikely. What are the odds? "Infinitesimally small," an otherwise unidentified "source" tells the Evening Standard.

- - Jordan Valinsky
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