Angelina Jolie: Our global obsession
Jolie checks into the maternity ward—but why do we care?

What happened
Actress Angelina Jolie, pregnant with twins, checked into a French hospital on Sunday. Jolie, her partner Brad Pitt, and their children now occupy a four-room maternity suite, with bodyguards to ensure her privacy and protect her from a swarm of reporters. Doctors said Jolie, 33, was fine, and that the twins would arrive within weeks. (South African Times)

What the commentators said
It's amazing that Jolie "managed to slip unobserved" into the hospital, said CBS News correspondent Richard Roth. The media are obsessed with Jolie and Pitt, a.k.a. Brangelina—so much that pictures of the twins will go for $10 to $20 million to the lucky paparazzo who snaps them first.

The media frenzy is so fierce, in fact, that there are contradictory reports on Jolie's pregnancy, said celebrity blog CelebGuru. One source claimed the twins are girls, while another claimed one boy and one girl. The Sun even suggested that Jolie gave birth to girls on Monday night. The only thing we can be sure of is that Jolie will tattoo the coordinates of her twins' birth on her arm, along with the previous four.

And what do you think Jolie and Pitt will name the mystery twins? said celebrity commentary site The Superficial—"Future Hotness #1 and Future Hotness #2"? Heck, those are better names than Maddox and Shiloh.



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