The best ... cleverly recycled objects
Cufflinks made from the inside of old wristwatches, sex uped teapots, and more

Gecko Market Bag
These totes have been recycled from “sturdy, colorful rice sacks
produced in Cambodia.”
Price: $27 Contact:
Source: O magazine

Watch Cuff Links
These chic, industrial-looking cuff links from Inhabited Structures are made from the insides of old wristwatches.
Price: $80 Contact: (718) 832-0951 or
Source: New York

Vintage Seltzer Bottle Pendant Lamp
The top halves of metal-and-glass seltzer bottles from pre-1940s Argentina have been refashioned as pendant lamps, perfect for hanging over a kitchen island.
Price: $300 Contact:
Source: New York

Perky Teapots
Dutch designer Esther Derkx sexes up “salvaged teapots and
platters” with prints of pinup girls and bathing beauties.
Price: From $40 Contact:
Source: Food & Wine

Faux Paper Plates
Designer Virginia Sin casts sets of dishwasher-safe plates from a “slurry of recycled paper pulp and porcelain.”
Price: From $35 Contact:
Source: Food & Wine



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