The fight conservatives won
What voters in three states had to say about gay marriage

“When it comes to marriage,” said Maggie Gallagher in National Review Online, “there are no blue states/red states.” The victory of a ballot measure—in California, of all places, as well as in Florida and Arizona—saying that unions of a husband and wife “deserve a unique status in our culture and law” proved that. “All victories are temporary in a fallen world. But this one is sweet.”

Sure, provided you’re not one of the people “whose rights and dignity” were just stripped away by a majority, said Andrew Sullivan in The Atlantic online. For those people—the gay couples who just became “second-class citizens and second-class human beings”—the passage of California’s Proposition 8 was “heart-breaking news.”

“The same-sex marriage issue won’t go away,” said the Chico, Calif., Enterprise-Record in an editorial. The fight during the campaign over California’s Proposition 8 was frequently insulting and mean-spirited. And elections these days never seem to unite us. They only make the losing side mad and leave us more divided than ever.



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