The best ... hand-warming fashion
Tävo Gloves for users of iPods and Blackberries, Squeeze Me Mittens for parents with young children, and more

Suede Gloves
These gloves are not only “buttery soft inside and out” but also machine-washable. Available in eight colors.
Price: $25.50 Contact:
Source: Woman’s Day

Tävo Gloves
Users of iPods, iPhones, and BlackBerry devices can “handle pesky touch wheels and screens” with their gloves on, thanks to Tävo’s PlayPoint technology.
Price: $39 Contact:

Source: Rolling Stone

Hi 5 Mittens
Kate Spade’s cheeky wool mittens provide slap-happy fun throughout the winter.
Price: $95 Contact:
Source: In Style

Quilted Leather Fingerless Gloves
Lauren Urstadt’s “biker-chic” fingerless gloves include the thumb, so
you can grip whatever you need to.
Price: $115 Contact:
Source: New York

Outdoor Research PrimoVolta gloves / Red Savina gloves
A “fabric-thin heater” inside these gloves monitors body temperature, toasting frosty fingers and conserving power once hands have warmed.
Price: $250 Contact:
Source: Popular Science

Squeeze Me Mittens
Oeuf’s mitts feature a kid-size pouch, allowing parents to share hand warmth with their little ones.
Price: $60 Contact:
Source: New York



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