Nadya ‘Octomom’ Suleman’s porn offer
Whether the octuplets' mom should star in a porno to raise cash for her family

“In one of the most evil offers ever laid on any table,” said Elizabeth Fairview in Bodog Beat, porn company Vivid Entertainment is offering “financially strapped” Nadya Suleman—who just gave birth to octuplets and is now the mother of 14—“a $1 million payout as well as health and dental care for all of her kids in exchange for a starring role in a porno.”

"What's wrong with this country?" said Raging Tantrum. Suleman and her 14 children will "have a hard enough life" without having to bear unnecessary insults like this. Yes, these kids need proper health care, but even a pornographer should be ashamed to offer it in such a "disgusting" way.

Look, said Gina Serpe in E! Online, “Octomom needs money,” and “the world needs porn.” Sure, the offer is “clearly not in the best of taste,” but it “couldn't have come at a better time”: Apparently, the hospital won’t release Suleman’s octuplets “until she has proven she can provide them with adequate care and living arrangements,” and she’s at risk of being evicted from her home for falling behind on her mortgage payments.

Nadya Suleman certainly is “pregnant with possibility,” said Michael Musto in The Village Voice. But she hasn’t even responded to Vivid's offer yet, and there’s a good chance she won’t do it: Let’s not forget that Suleman “popped out eight implanted embryos”—having sex doesn’t seem to be high up on her list of priorities.



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