Is ‘Jon & Kate Plus 8’ violating child labor laws?
Why the Pennsylvania Department of Labor is investigating the reality TV show

Jon and Kate Gosselin, along with their eight children, said Michael Rubinkam in the Associated Press, “have attracted a huge TV audience, screaming tabloid headlines, and, now, a state labor investigation.” The Pennsylvania Department of Labor announced Friday that it's “looking into whether the hit reality show Jon & Kate Plus 8 is complying with child labor laws.”

“One has to wonder what took so long,” said Maria E. Andreu in the Newark, N.J.,Star-Ledger. “What are the ethics of profiting from the story of these minors who are too young to consent to be filmed?” The Gosselins reportedly get paid between $50,000 to $75,000 per episode, but who knows if “any of this money" is "being set aside” for the kids.

But the Pennsylvania Department of Labor is only investigating Jon & Kate Plus 8 because someone filed a complaint against the show, said Perez Hilton. Could it have come “from Kate's envious $ister-in-law and brother?” They’ve both publicly criticized and leaked secrets about Jon and Kate Gosselin recently. “If someone issued a fake complaint, we hope they get fined.”



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