Zoning out gets a boost, Boeing hits the brakes on the Dreamliner
Good day for winding down, Bad day for taking off

GOOD DAY FOR: Winding down, as several studies conclude that zoning out is a very common human trait—and an essential one. Letting your mind wander helps you work through important problems and see the bigger picture. (Discover, via Lifehacker)

BAD DAY FOR: Taking off, after Boeing delayed the maiden voyage of its 787 Dreamliner—again—by several weeks, citing a weak side section. The wildly successful plane is already two years behind schedule, leading some airlines to drop their orders. The delays have been a boon to rival Airbus, whose similar A350 model is siphoning away some Dreamliner orders, even though the A350 doesn’t hit the skies until three years after the 787. (Bloomberg)



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