Ruth Madoff’s millions, The Transformers’ critical revenge
Good day for downsizing, Bad day for critical acclaim

GOOD DAY FOR: Downsizing, after Ruth Madoff, the wife of massive fraudster Bernard Madoff, agreed to forfeit any claim to some $80 million in assets in a deal that leaves her with $2.5 million. Bernard Madoff, who pleaded guilty, asked that his wife be allowed to keep nearly $70 million in assets and cash. Prosecutors say he swindled investors of $170 billion. (Reuters)

BAD DAY FOR: Critical acclaim, after the Transformers sequel, “Revenge of the Fallen,” pulled in more than $200 million domestically in its first five days, giving it the best opening of any movie this year and setting a record for the biggest gulf between box office revenue and critics’ reviews. Critics generally hated the film, writing only 38 positive reviews, out of 187 total. (The Washington Post)



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