Ben Bernanke beats his peers, McDonald’s sells Starbucks coffee
Good day for Ben Bernanke; Bad day for sharing the wealth

GOOD DAY FOR: Ben Bernanke, after a global survey of investors ranked the Federal Reserve chairman ahead of all his central-bank peers for his handling of the economic meltdown. About 75 percent of Quarterly Bloomberg Global Poll respondents said they had a favorable view of Bernanke, compared with 54 percent for European Central Bank chief Jean-Claude Trichet and 50 percent for Bank of England Governor Mervyn King. (Bloomberg)

BAD DAY FOR: Sharing the wealth, after Starbucks credited McDonald’s $100 million McCafe marketing effort for boosting sales at the Seattle-based coffee giant. The McDonald’s ad buy raised awareness of the coffee business, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz said, which helped Starbucks’ bottom line. It probably helped McDonald’s, too. (Advertising Age)



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