Star politicians: 8 celebs the public is desperate to vote for
Even if they've shown no inclination to run, actors from Drew Carey to George Clooney are being prodded toward elective office
He may have the looks, the connections, and a passion for humanitarian aid, but George Clooney says he's been too promiscuous to meet the criteria for a politician. CC BY: The White House

As the 2012 elections approach, a liberal radio host in Houston is calling on actor Tommy Lee Jones (Men in Black, No Country for Old Men) to take a shot at winning Republican Kay Bailey Hutchison's open Senate seat for the Dems. No matter that Texas hasn't elected a Democratic senator in almost 20 years. "I can't think of another Democrat in Texas that has the necessary name ID... that would be able to raise money, and that would have at least the potential to attract string voters and a substantial number of Republicans," says radio host Geoff Berg. Of course, Jones is just the latest actor to be pushed toward a political career. Here's a gallery of other fantasy contenders:



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