The short life of Knut the polar bear: A photo tribute
Berlin's beloved, troubled polar bear died suddenly over the weekend at the age of four. Here's a look back at his life
Knut, the beloved Berlin polar bear pictured in 2007, died over the weekend at the age of four. Corbis

Since Knut the polar bear was born in Germany's Berlin Zoo on December 5, 2006, his life was troubled. When his mother rejected him, animal rights activists called for him to be put to sleep. A public outcry kept Knut alive, and he became a media sensation as the first polar bear cub to survive at the zoo in more than three decades, but as Knut grew into a troubled adolescent, more controversy ensued. His sudden death on Saturday at the age of four is raising new questions given that polar bears in captivity can live for decades. With an autopsy underway, here's a review of Knut's history.



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