The Taco Bell shooter and 7 more fast-food freakouts: A slideshow
When he learned his beloved burrito had increased in price, a Texas man opened fire. He's just the latest to go postal over fast food
The news that Taco Bell raised the price of its beefy crunch burritos by $0.50 sent a Texas man into a shooting rampage. CC BY: Facebook

Could fast-food wrath be the new road rage? It's starting to seem that way. Over the weekend, a San Antonio, Texas man, Ricardo Jones, 37, was so upset to find that the price of his beloved Taco Bell Beefy Crunch Burrito had increased from $.99 to $1.49 that he fired an air gun at an employee. When police arrived, he fired an assault rifle at them and then barricaded himself in a hotel room. After a three-hour standoff, officers forced Jones from the room using tear gas and charged him with attempted capital murder and two felony counts. The Jones rampage is just the latest in a recent spate of violent freakouts at fast food restaurants across America and even around the world. Here are seven others:



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