10 actors cast as presidents: A slideshow
Smirky Bill Murray as FDR? Loopy Randy Quaid as LBJ? When it's time to cast beltway movies, Hollywood's casting directors have made some surprising choices
Bill Murray will star as FDR a forthcoming movie: A look at other actors who have taken on the presidential role. Getty

Bill Murray, the laidback star of Ghostbusters and Lost in Translation, has been chosen to play Franklin D. Roosevelt in a British TV drama. Although some might balk at the idea of the SNL veteran playing the wartime president, critics have mostly reacted favorably. "It might not offer up ghost-filled laughs," says Monika Bartyzel at Cinematical, "but it'll be great to see Murray get serious." Here, a selection of unlikely actors who have played other commanders-in-chief over the years.



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