Flawed field: The 2012 GOP hopefuls' biggest challenges
Every potential Republican presidential contender has an Achilles heel. Here, a guide to what each needs to overcome for success in 2012
Mitt Romney may be a leading contender for the GOP's presidential nomination, but his Massachusetts health care law could set him back with Republican voters. Getty

The thing that gets grassroots Republicans "out of bed in the morning is the prospect of defeating President Barack Obama in 2012," says Kimberley Strassel in The Wall Street Journal. But "ask them who is going to do it, and be met with a sigh." Each of the GOP's potential presidential contenders in the slow-developing race is "starting with very real liabilities," and none has corralled more than 20 percent support from polled GOP voters — bad news for a party that typically unites early behind one strong candidate. Here, a look at the biggest hurdles nine hopefuls must clear to convince the conservative base that they're the GOP's best bet against Obama.



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