Not dead yet: A visual history of the typewriter
Earlier this week, the reported closure of the world's last typewriter factory caused a panic. Thankfully, for traditionalist fans, the news wasn't true
Typewriters may have long outgrown their usefulness, but that doesn't stop collectors and fans from waxing nostalgic over the archaic technology. CC BY: J E Theriot

Luddites and literary types were thrown into a tizzy earlier this week over reports that the "last" typewriter factory in the world, Godrej & Boyce in India, was closing, and had just 500 machines left for sale. Then came the news — greeted with a collective sigh of nostalgic relief — that a number of other typewriter factories are still in operation. (In fact, getting a typewriter is as easy as ordering one up from the Staples website). Still, the hysteria demonstrated our great common affection for the retro machine. In celebration of its persistent existence, we look back at notable typewriters through the years.



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