America's ugliest buildings: A slideshow
New Jersey's stalled megamall — Xanadu — is the latest would-be architectural wonder to be declared a painful eyesore
New Jersey's still-incomplete megamall, Xanadu, may be a national punchline, but can it really be so much worse than a giant picnic basket? Wikimedia Commons: Millertime83

Poor New Jersey already struggles with a lousy reputation, and the gaudy, half-finished megamall Xanadu isn't helping things. Though slated to open in 2007, the $1.9 billion Bergen County entertainment and retail complex, which Gov. Chris Christie once called "by far the ugliest damn building in New Jersey, and maybe America," has sat unfinished for years due to financial difficulties. Last week, the state struck a deal with developers to complete the massive project by 2013, rename it the American Dream Meadowlands, and give its much-maligned exterior a makeover. Until then, it remains a leading example of nearly universally denigrated "architecture." Here are several more examples:



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