Who should play Jackie Robinson: A slideshow
After years of false starts, a biopic on the boundary-breaking African-American baseball player might finally get made. There's just one looming question...
Jackie Robinson April 10, 1947 Bettmann/CORBIS

For decades, filmmakers from Robert Redford to Spike Lee have been trying to film the story of Jackie Robinson — who broke baseball's color barrier in 1947, joining the Brooklyn Dodgers as the first African American to play in the major league since the 1800s. On Wednesday, Warner Bros.'s Legendary Pictures announced it had a cut deal with the Robinson estate to produce a biopic of the legendary first basemen, with Brian Helgeland (A Knight's Tale, L.A. Confidential screenplay) writing and directing. Now, the pivotal question is: Who will play Robinson? Here are some actors who've been mentioned for the role, as well as two who were considered years ago.



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