Original Sears-catalog homes: A slideshow
Depression-era modesty meets contemporary amenities in these historic mail-order homes
A Ridgeland model Sears catalog home in Geneva, Ill.

Long before the internet, home-delivered catalogs from Sears, Roebuck & Co. and competitor Montgomery Ward were the "analog version of," offering anything from girdles and appliances to Do-It-Yourself furniture and — if you can believe it — wood-frame homes. Elaborate advertisements outlined choose-your-own floor plans, detailed room sizes, and material recommendations for handy customers (the ancestors of consumers who build their own IKEA bookshelves). These affordable homes were designed to last, which is why some of them can still be found today. Here, 7 original Sears' catalog homes, with modern twists, up for grabs — no assembly required.

For more information regarding the availability of the homes in this slideshow, please contact the realty companies listed.



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