Green Lantern and other 'racist' blockbusters: A slideshow
Last weekend's critically-panned superhero flick is being dogged by accusations of racial stereotypes — hardly a novel charge for Hollywood tent-pole movies
The Green Lantern Warner Bros. Pictures/DC Comics

The broadly negative reviews of Green Lantern argue that one of the comic-book movie's weaknesses is that it falls prey to every tired cliche of its crowded genre. That includes racism, says New York Press critic Armond White. In Green Lantern, an alien voiced by Michael Clarke Duncan is depicted as a "brother from another planet." Physically, he resembles "a police suspect sketch," while his speech pattern suggests that "racist stereotyping exists even among alien cultures." Indeed, "no matter how fanciful, quixotic or faithful to their original source... these contemporary, multimillion dollar productions keep dragging audiences back to the oldest, most decrepit social stereotypes." Here, a look at other big movies plagued by charges of racism.




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