7 weird sports championships: A slideshow
From toe wrestling to wife-carrying, a look at some of the strangest competitions in the world
Toe-Wrestling Championship Screen shot, Telegraph

Hundreds of competitors descended on Derbyshire, England, this week, for the 35th annual World Toe Wrestling Championship. (Watch video here.) The sport was invented in 1976 at a Devonshire pub by regulars on a mission to find a game "that the British could win," says The Telegraph. The Toe Wrestling Championship has grown in popularity ever since. This year's event was highlighted by the semifinal match-up of "archrivals" Alan "Nasty Nash" Nash and Paul "Predatoe" Beech, who went on to win the men's crown. Does that make him champion of the world's strangest sport, or are there other contests out there that are even more odd? Here, a look at some other contenders:



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