Cy Twombly: Remembering a 'titan of modern art'
The massively influential painter best known for his simple lines, scribbles, and spirals died Tuesday at age 83. Here, his life, through his paintings
Cy Twombly at the unveiling of his Louvre ceiling, March 2010 Screen shot

Cy Twombly, the great American painter described as a "titan of modern art," died Tuesday at age 83. Twombly was battling cancer, though the cause of his death has not been confirmed. Throughout his long career, he became known for large-scale paintings featuring scribbles and graffiti that led critics to label him "the heir to Jackson Pollock." His abstract works have fetched millions at auctions, and, in 2010, he became the first painter in nearly 60 years to be asked to paint a ceiling at the Louvre museum in Paris (pictured). Here, a look at the man and his work over the years.



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