Remembering Betty Ford: A photo tribute
The beloved former First Lady, who passed away Friday, is celebrated for her free spirit and her courageous battles against cancer and addiction
Remembering Betty Ford Bettmann/CORBIS

On Friday, Betty Ford, one of the nation's most popular First Ladies, died at the age of 93. The wife of President Gerald Ford, Betty spent just two and a half years in the White House following the resignation of President Richard Nixon. "The genial Ford was the perfect personality to occupy the Oval Office after the trauma of Watergate," says Susan Milligan in U.S. News & World Report. While in the White House, Ford bravely and openly battled breast cancer. Following her husband's presidency, she entered a treatment program for an alcohol and pill addiction and went on to found her own chain of treatment centers. Known for speaking her mind, she was also a vocal supporter of abortion and equal rights. Here, her life remembered in pictures:



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