Amy Winehouse and music's tragic '27 Club': A slideshow
The drug-abusing singer joins a list of other illustrious musicians who have died at the exact same age
Amy Winehouse is dead at 27 Matt Cardy/Getty Images

Fans were devastated by this weekend's news that British soul diva Amy Winehouse was found dead in her London apartment at age 27. Winehouse's premature death perpetuates the myth of the "27 Curse," which has afflicted up to 34 or 46 other musicans who died at that age, depending on how far back into rock history you go. While experts say the "27 Curse" (also known as the "27 Club") is just a coincidence that helps people make sense of tragedy, the phenomenon continues to fascinate. Here's a look at some of the Club's most culturally influential members.



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