Pet memoirs: A visual history
Before Marley and Giant George, the 7-foot-tall Great Dane, creatures were already inspiring books from Virginia Woolf and John Steinbeck
Giant George: Life With The Tallest Dog in The World Facebook/Giant George

George — a 245-pound blue Great Dane who, at 7 feet, 3 inches, is nine inches taller than Kobe Bryant — has broken multiple Guinness World Records. Now, his owners hope he can set book-sales records, too. With Giant George: Life With the World's Biggest Dog, man's massive best friend will join a distinguished list of other pets who have stepped out of their crates and onto the pages of pet memoirs. The recent popularity of this booming genre may have been sparked by the 2005 book-turned-movie Marley & Me, but a look back through literary history proves that authors have long been inspired by their mute but loyal companions. Here, a visual history.



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