5 most valuable Antiques Roadshow finds: A slideshow
The appraisers on PBS' unassuming reality show have serendipitously discovered tea cups worth $1.5 million and other unsuspected treasures
Rhino horn cups Antiques Roadshow

PBS' Antiques Roadshow may not be edge-of-your-seat programming but it's probably the "best reality show ever," says Melissa Bell at The Washington Post, thanks to its unique mix of suspense, hope, and nostalgia. The premise is simple: Americans, eager to discover if they own valuable antiques, bring the show's expert appraisers everything from their grandmother's rocking chair to dusty old feather dusters.  Occasionally, those sentimental pieces turn into cold hard cash. One lucky Oklahoma man went from Social Security collector to millionaire when his collection of Chinese rhinoceros-horn cups was appraised at $1.5 million to his utter shock. "It made my century," he said, before asking again, "You sure?" With the show heading into its 16th season next year, here's a look back at its five most valuable finds.



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