This weekend, as I read competing accounts about the sacking of Jill Abramson as executive editor of the The New York Times, I wondered what would happen if Times headline writers had no compunction about going full Timesian on the saga taking place within its own newsroom....

After a Meeting, A Wall Is Punched

A Gothic Tattoo, On Back, Seen as Symbol of Dedication

Baquet Said to be Low-key, Patient, Black

Person In The News: Dean Bacquet, a Manager Who Would Not Edit His Outrage

Person In The News: Mark Thompson, BBC's Savior, Turned to Times Sacred Cows

Recriminations, as Partial Salary Figures Leak

A Correction Is Demanded from Auletta, His Magazine

The Best Newspaper, with Digital Wares Lagging, Might be Losing an Edge

Reading Tea-leaves, Eyes Look to Dowd's Metaphors

In Firing Abramson, Publisher Tested Newsroom Support, Lessons Learned

With Secret Hire Talks, Abramson Treaded an Already Thin Line

Plaudits for Abramson, from Journalists She Pushed

New Times Editor Vows To Elevate Newsroom Mood

Abramson Feared By Some, Liked By Others

Abramson Triumphed in News Instinct, Faltered In Cuddliness

A Dispute About What Abramson Told Others Is Said To Be Firing's Cause

Morning Joe Said to be Source of Misleading Narrative

Surprising No One, Cable News Covers A Commencement Speech

In Frenzy, Facts Yield To Odd Notions

In Sulzberger, a Cipher as CEO

As News Business, Times Seeks More Business, Different Take on News