February 24, 1803: In a landmark Supreme Court ruling — Marbury v. Madison" — the Court ruled that it could void any act of Congress. The ruling was the first time in Western history that a court invalidated a law by declaring it unconstitutional. Marbury v. Madison also helped the young United States clearly define the concept of checks and balances among the three branches of government.

February 24, 1868: President Andrew Johnson was impeached by the House of Representatives on 11 counts — for trying to fire War Secretary Edwin Stanton, and for violating post-Civil War Reconstruction Acts. In a dramatic Senate trial, Johnson was acquitted by a single vote. Bill Clinton is the only other president to be impeached. WWR, in partnership with The New York Times, presents the Times' 1868 front page on the Johnson impeachment.

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"Politics, when I am in it, makes me sick." –William Howard Taft

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