It's going to be a while before Sherlock fans get to see Benedict Cumberbatch solve another case, but anyone who can't stand the wait can follow the popular actor from Baker Street to Sesame Street in this new clip.

Cumberbatch's self-proclaimed Muppet archnemesis "Murray-arty" — who refuses to accept that Cumberbatch isn't really Sherlock Holmes — shows up to challenge the actor to a game of wits. "On this table are some fruit," says Murray-arty. "Are there more apples, or are there more oranges? I don't know, you're the super-sleuth. Figure it out!" Without his trusty partner Watson handy, Cumberbatch turns to the next best thing: The Count. It takes some work, but Cumberbatch does manage to solve the case, and earn The Count's most coveted endorsement: "One Smart Man."

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