When Dubai wants to chase a world record, the oil-rich Arab emirate surely doesn't lack the means to go for it. Its towering Burj Khalifa is the world's tallest building, for example, and Dubai also boasts the world's largest man-made island.

On Tuesday night, just before midnight local time, Dubai put on the world's largest fireworks display. They had the folks from Guinness (the world-record keepers, not the stout-brewers) come out to make it official.

There are lots of ways to judge "big" in fireworks. Dubai went for volume. In a show designed by U.S. firm Fireworks by Grucci and managed by IMG Artists, Dubai set off more than 400,000 fireworks in the roughly six-minute show. The previous record was set by nearby Kuwait, which set off a relatively paltry 77,282 fireworks during an hour-long show in 2011. Dubai spent a reported $6 million to beat that record.

As far as that goes, it appears to have been money well-spent. Watch above. (The fireworks themselves start at the 2:28 mark.)