It seems Google is putting that massive marketing budget behind the Moto X to good use.

What you're about to watch isn't an interactive online ad; it takes place inside the confines of a good old-fashioned magazine. Made of paper.

The new spot, featured in select copies of the January edition of Wired, will sport a first-of-its-kind touch interface that allows you to cycle through different colors of the Moto X at the press of a button, like so:

Pretty killer, right?

Ostensibly, it's meant to shuffle potential customers over to the Moto X's Motomaker, a customization website that allows you to tailor and order one of the phones to suit your exacting tastes. This ad is making its rounds just as Motorola added an option to install a long-awaited wood-panel back for an extra $100.

And thanks to the phone's touch-less controls and smart, intuitive internal sensors that automatically respond to your needs depending on where you are and what you're doing, the Moto X is widely considered one of the most innovative — and arguably the best — phones of 2013. My suspicion is that your average Wired reader already know this. But a little more attention couldn't hurt.