For a series that labels itself "expendable," The Expendables has proved to be a remarkably durable franchise. In just a few years, the action series has turned nostalgia for '80s action movies into almost $600 million. And the first teaser for The Expendables 3 makes it clear that the producers are gunning for the top of the box office again.

The Expendables 3 teaser is set to a whistled version of the "Colonel Bogey March," which was memorably used in The Bridge on the River Kwai. Setting the bar pretty high, guys. But the song is just the prelude to the main event: The moment at which the sprawling cast of The Expendables 3 turns around and stares at the camera. Of course, there are so many action stars in the franchise by now that they're not even clearly identifiable on screen. Fortunately, the trailer helpfully labels each of the Expendables by the actor's name, so you won't have to squint to separate Dolph Lundgren from Jason Statham.

For its third installment, The Expendables scored a few major gets, including Harrison Ford, Mel Gibson, and noted badass Kelsey Grammer. Will upping the star power send The Expendables on another successful mission, or has franchise fatigue finally set in? We'll find out when The Expendables 3 hits theaters next summer.