In the middle of a concert in Kentucky last Sunday, Justin Timberlake followed up his performance of the song "That Girl" with something a little less conventional: A marriage proposal. "You, sir. You got a drink?" said Timberlake to Louisville native Joshua Clemons, who was standing near the stage with girlfriend Kim Martin. After introducing the couple to the crowd, Timberlake invited them to join him on stage.

"Josh called me earlier, and he's got something he wants to tell you," said Timberlake. (Warning: If you're watching the video, and don't want to have your ears blown out by screaming, this is the time to turn the volume way down.) As Timberlake vacated the stage, Clemons got down on one knee and proposed. She accepted, and the couple made out on stage to the cheers of the auditorium.

How did this happen? In an interview with Kentucky's WDRB, Josh explained the extensive effort that went into the moment. "When I heard Justin was coming in June, when it was announced I immediately started trying to get tickets," said Clemons. "I'm a huge fan, I have been. I knew Kim was a big fan." After "almost 100 phone calls and emails," Timberlake's manager responded and told him that Timberlake "had a big plan," he said. After the concert, Clemons' daughter joined the couple backstage, where Timberlake signed autographs and congratulated them.