It's surprise music day. Less than 12 hours after Beyonce suddenly released an entire album no one knew was in the works, 17-year-old "Royals" superstar Lorde has dropped a previously unreleased track called "No Better." Idolator reports that the song was originally intended for her hit album Pure Heroine, but ended up being cut, which led to its release as a one-off single earlier today.

The song is unmistakably Lorde, with a pronounced line that serves as a kind of backbone for the singer's rhythmic vocals. It's a catchy, breezy track that would have been right at home on Pure Heroine, but it stands alone just fine. But if a recent interview with Billboard is any indication, we'll be getting some truly new Lorde songs in the near future. "I've been writing, but I haven't really had time to hit the studio as of yet," said Lorde. "That'll be the end of this year, or next year."