When Netflix purchased the exclusive rights to the political drama House of Cards, it made the virtually unprecedented decision to buy two seasons simultaneously — ensuring that the machinations of Kevin Spacey's Frank Underwood and his wife Claire would evolve over at least two years. On Wednesday, Netflix released the first glimpse of that second season.

It's hard to imagine a trailer that could provide less information about what the series has in store.

The brief, moody, black-and-white trailer for House of Cards' second season features Robin Wright sitting alone in a dark room smoking a cigarette. That's it. There is nothing else.

The biggest (and only) reveal in the trailer actually has nothing to do with the footage. The video is titled 2.14.14 — revealing that the Netflix drama will debut the entirety of its second season on Valentine's Day. So if your idea of a romantic evening is binge-watching Kevin Spacey's slimy politician as he climbs up the ladder, never fear: Netflix, faithful as always, has you more than covered.