NBC's 30 Rock has been off the air for months now, and this is how I'd like to imagine character Tracy Jordan preparing for Thanksgiving: Sitting in a leather recliner, wearing a Bill Cosby sweater, and reciting some mental laundry list of Thanksgiving-y things. Well, actual actor Tracy Morgan — and there is a famously thin line between Morgan and his Jordan character — made it happen, in a typically bizarre moment on Monday night's Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

What to say about the two-minute Thanksgiving gift from Morgan to us? I pretty much agree with Andrew Roberts at Uproxx. "Literally, there is too much going on and coming out of Tracy's mouth to be able to fully convey the awesome nature of this clip."

He starts out with fairly traditional Thanksgiving fare, but moves on to predictably unpredictable territory. It "may not have a place among holiday classics like A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving," says Katie McDonough at Salon. But there's room for more than one way to celebrate Turkey Day. Morgan's isn't to be missed. Watch above.